As the old saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers,” but what many don’t know is that these seasonal downpours can also affect indoor air quality negatively. To ensure your home stays fresh and pure during erratic early spring weather, take preventive measures now while we’re still in the month of March! Get ready now for upcoming April showers with Eastland Heating & Cooling. Our whole home humidifiers are the perfect solution to better prepare you and your family for this next season, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn about how they can benefit you and your home if you are experiencing issues with raised humidity levels.  

How Can You Tell If Your Home Is in Need of a Whole-home DEHumidifier?   

Here are several common indicators that are tell-tale signs:   

  1. Lingering foul and musty odors in the air are good indicators. 
  1. Unmistakable evidence of water damage can be seen in the form of discolored walls and ceilings, or water-stained surfaces. 
  1. If you notice condensation developing on your walls and doors, it is a surefire indication that something isn’t right where your home’s humidity levels are concerned. 
  1. Damp basements are a sure sign of unstable humidity levels and one that should not be ignored. 

How Can a Whole-Home Dehumidifier Benefit You? 

Are you struggling with high humidity levels in your home? Then a whole-home dehumidifier should be high on your list of priorities! Not only does this investment deliver numerous tangible advantages to create a better atmosphere for everyone living there, but it is also essential for protecting against mold and mildew that may harm the health of those around you. Our health and well-being can be adversely affected by low indoor air quality (IAQ), including exacerbated respiratory issues like asthma. Fortunately, dehumidifiers can significantly reduce these irritating symptoms! 

Next, installing a whole-home dehumidifier is an uncomplicated way to ensure that the humidity levels in your home are optimized and that your possessions are kept away from potential mold, mildew, or moisture damage. This straightforward system not only provides you with ample safeguards but also grants you long-term assurance so that you may rest easy knowing that your house can remain and your belongings are safe and sound! 

While Ohio is not known for overly humid spring and summer months, high humidity levels can still occur based upon numerous factors which will leave your home feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. For instance, if you live in an older house that often suffers from these hot and sticky conditions, investing in a whole-home dehumidifier could be just what you need! Ultimately, it can aid in reducing strain on your HVAC system, and potentially keep energy costs low. 


A whole-home dehumidifier can easily be installed by our NATE-certified technicians. On top of that, in regard to regular upkeep, your dehumidifier can be inspected along with the already scheduled yearly inspections you have performed on your heating and cooling systems. This means that there is not really any additional work for you! Sounds great, right? 

Unsure if a whole-home dehumidifier is the right fit for your home? Reach out to us, and our team clicking here! Call Eastland Heating & Cooling today! 

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