There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to stay cool within your home during the hottest months of the year than dealing with a unit that is pumping out hot or warm air instead. Remember that June to August in Ohio are the peak months for heat and humidity, making them the hottest and wettest times of the year. So, if your AC isn’t doing its job right now, you might just feel like you’re melting! 

Seriously though, we totally get that getting your air conditioner up and running again is your number one priority. There are a few reasons why your AC might not be giving you that cool breeze you’re after. So, let’s dive in together with your local Eastland Heating & Cooling partners as we explore some of the most common reasons your AC is blowing out hot air and share the best ways to troubleshoot them. 

What About the Thermostat?  

Let’s talk about the thermostat, which is the heart of your HVAC system. If your thermostat isn’t working right, it can throw the whole system off. A glitchy thermostat means it can’t talk properly to your HVAC system, so it can mess with when your AC kicks in and how it runs. A lot of times, when something’s up with the system, the thermostat is the culprit. So, if your air conditioner is acting up, giving the thermostat a check could be the fix you need. 

  • First up, let’s see if your thermostat is turned on and ready to go. You might just need to swap out the batteries (if your model uses them). 
  • Then, double-check to make sure it’s not set to “heat.”  
  • Lastly, ensure your thermostat is set to “auto” instead of “on.” Having it set to “on” means the fan will run continuously, regardless of the temperature. 

What About Check the Breaker?  

Is your AC switched on? There’s a chance the breaker switch might have tripped. If your unit is truly blowing out warm air, this may not apply to you. But it’s still a good idea to give it a check, just in case. 

Try checking your circuit breaker to see if it has tripped. If it has, just flip it back to the “on” position. Voila! If this fixes your problem, awesome! But, just a heads-up, if your unit keeps tripping afterward, there might be something more serious going on. In that case, it’s probably best to call in a licensed professional to take a look. 

What About Check the Air Filters?  

A clogged air filter might not seem like a big deal at first, but if you ignore it, those dirty filters can lead to some pretty big problems. When an air filter gets clogged up with dust and other stuff floating around, it makes it harder for air to get through. This can end up causing trouble with parts like the motor, fan, or even the compressor. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on them! 

Make sure to change your air filters every 1-3 months, depending on the type of filter you’re using, whether you’ve got pets, and how often you use your system. It’s a smart move to check your air filters now to see if they need replacing. If swapping them out fixes your warm air problem – awesome! If not, just move on to the next step below. 

What About Check the Evaporator Coils?  

This next troubleshooting step is a perfect partner for the previous one. You know, when an air filter gets clogged, it can actually cause a build-up of dust or loose debris right on top of the evaporator coil. Dirty evaporator coils have a tough time absorbing heat from the air like they’re supposed to, messing with the heat exchange needed for cooling to happen. 

To fix this issue, take a close look at your evaporator coils and if they look like they need a clean, go ahead and gently clean them. For a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your evaporator coils, click here

What About Check for a Refrigerant Leak? 

Just like you need coolant in your car’s air conditioner to get that cool breeze, your home’s AC system needs it, too. Think of your AC’s refrigerant as the magic ingredient that makes the air go from hot to cold. So, if it’s running low or if there’s a leak, you’ll start feeling more of a warm blast than a cool wave. 

If you don’t have HVAC certification, chances are you can’t legally get your hands on air conditioning refrigerant for your system. It’s probably best to let a professional handle this troubleshooting step. However, you should still watch for these obvious signs of low or leaking refrigerant: 

  • If you hear bubbling or hissing sounds even when the AC is off 
  • If cool air isn’t coming through your vents 
  • If you spot ice on the evaporator coils 

What About the Condenser? 

Finally, let’s chat about your outdoor unit – the condenser. If the condenser’s coils get all dirty, they can’t do a great job of pulling out the warm air from your home. This means you might not get that cool breeze you’re looking for. And if we let this happen for too long, it could actually end up hurting your condenser unit. 

If you notice your condenser coils are looking a bit dirty, the first thing to do is turn off the power to the unit; safety first, always! Then, with gloves on, gently rinse off the debris using a water hose. Make sure to choose a gentler setting on your hose; a setting like “shower” or “flat” mode works great. Try to avoid using the “spray” mode. Hold the hose steady and start spraying from the bottom of the condenser, gradually working your way up, inch by inch, from left to right. Take your time and be thorough; the last thing you want is to rush and end up damaging the unit. Remember, your HVAC technician will be able to tackle the more intricate parts of the condenser during your next scheduled tune-up and safety check. 

Still dealing with your AC blowing hot air? There are a few DIY tricks to tackle this issue, but some things are just better handled by a licensed technician. So, if your air conditioner still isn’t back to its old self, don’t worry. We’ve got your back! Our technicians aren’t just NATE-certified; they’re also super experienced. And remember, we’re here for you 24/7, all year round, with our emergency services.   

Get your air conditioning system summer-ready for Ohio’s heat with your friends at Eastland Heating & Cooling! Call us today at (614) 861-5203, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!  

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