Your furnace plays a crucial role in maintaining a warm and comfortable home, especially during the colder months. However, it’s important to remember that furnaces, like any other appliance, have a limited lifespan. Whether you’re moving into a new home or have been relying on your current furnace for several decades, knowing the age of your furnace is vital for effective maintenance, repair, and replacement planning. In this blog post, Eastland Heating & Cooling will explore different methods that can be used to determine the age of your furnace. 

Homeowners Should Know HoW Old Their Furnace Is Because: 

  • Maintenance: Proper maintenance is crucial to ensure optimal and safe operation of your furnace during the colder months. Also, when you schedule your seasonal maintenance checks, it’s helpful for the HVAC technician to know the general age of your heating unit beforehand. 
  • Repair: Determining the age of your furnace can provide valuable insight when faced with issues. This knowledge empowers you to make an informed decision on whether repairing or investing in a new unit is the more cost-effective solution. 
  • Replacement: Furnaces generally have a lifespan of 15-20 years. If your furnace is nearing or has surpassed this timeframe, it is advisable to begin planning and budgeting for a replacement. 
  • Warranty: Most furnaces come with manufacturer warranties that are valid for a certain number of years. By understanding the age of your unit, you can help determine if any warranty coverage is still in effect.  

You Can Consult the Owner’s Manual:

One of the most reliable methods for determining the age of your furnace is by referring to the owner’s manual. Typically, the manual contains crucial details regarding the installation date or manufacturing date of the furnace, both of which can provide insights into the unit’s age. If you possess the manual that accompanied your furnace, start by examining the introductory section or a dedicated “Specifications” page to locate this information with confidence. 

You Can Look for the Manufacturer Label:

If, by any chance, you no longer have the owner’s manual or cannot find the date in it, your next best course of action is to locate a manufacturer’s label on the furnace. Typically, you can find this label on the inside of the furnace cabinet or on the side. It is important to note that this label often provides a wealth of information, including the model number, serial number, and manufacturing date. By referring to this label, you just might be able to gather the necessary details. 

  1. To determine the manufacturing date, it is important to locate a sequence of letters or numbers within the serial number corresponding to the date. It should be noted that various manufacturers employ different coding systems; hence, the specifics can vary across brands. Rest assured, with careful examination, the manufacturing date can be accurately identified. 
  1. Please note that certain manufacturers may provide a clear and concise date of manufacture, such as “MFG Date: MM/YYYY.” This information is intended to enhance clarity and ensure accuracy in product tracking. 

You Can Call the Manufacturer:

If the serial number or manufacturer’s label does not provide clear information about the furnace’s age, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer directly. It’s normal for reputable furnace manufacturers to have a dedicated customer service or support team available to assist you in determining the age of your unit based on the serial number or other identifying information. 

You Can Schedule an Appointment:  

An HVAC technician who is licensed has the expertise to conduct a thorough inspection of your furnace and should be able to determine its age accurately. During your seasonal furnace check, the technician can identify the manufacturing date and provide valuable insights into the condition of the furnace, as well as its estimated remaining lifespan. It is highly recommended to schedule regular seasonal checks to ensure optimal performance and timely servicing of your furnace. 

Knowing the age of your furnace is essential for ensuring your home stays warm and comfortable. You don’t want your furnace to go out on you right when you need it the most. By checking your owner’s manual, inspecting the manufacturer label, consulting professionals, or using online resources, you should be able to determine the age of your furnace to help you make an informed decision regarding your heating system.  

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