What Are the Dangers of DIY HVAC Repairs & Maintenance?

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A DIY HVAC repair may sound tempting to try, but doing it yourself is not as simple as learning how to change your car’s oil or painting your entire house. You might be a quick learner, but it’s crucial for you and your family’s safety that only a licensed professional works on your heating and cooling system. Your HVAC system is composed of numerous components that if not handled correctly can turn into hazardous situations if something is mishandled. Keep reading the following from your local Eastland Heating & Cooling experts so you can be aware of the dangers that DIY HVAC repair and maintenance can bring.

Will A DIY HVAC Repair Result in a Voided Warranty?

Yes, you most likely will end up with a voided warranty if you attempt a DIY repair. This is truly something you should consider when thinking about going the DIY route. Saving a bit of money by performing the repair yourself may not outweigh the negative side of losing your warranty coverage. So make sure you read through your warranty’s policy before making any final decisions.

Will DIY HVAC Repairs Save You Money? 

Typically, when someone is considering performing a DIY job, they are trying to cut down on costs. Trust us; we get it! It’s always great to save a penny when you can! But in the end, it just may not be worth it. It is highly probable that if you choose to continue repairing your system yourself, you may pay more out of pocket than you initially intended. HVAC repairs require tools and parts that you may not readily have on hand. And most home improvement stores will not have everything you need to complete the repair. This means you will have to deal with a faulty unit longer while waiting for the appropriate tools and parts to be ordered and delivered. 

In addition, due to the multiple components in your system, there is no guarantee that the issue you’re focused on will be fixed. It is not uncommon for an area to be overlooked, which then leads to more problems caused by DIY mistakes. Furthermore, this will lead to more strain on your HVAC system, which reduces system efficiency and raises energy costs. With that being said, we guarantee you will save yourself time, stress, and, most importantly, money by having the job done right the first time.

What Are the Safety Hazards of DIY HVAC Repairs?

Think of all the safety risks that can take place if a DIY mistake is made. Your HVAC system has a lot of different wires in it. Faulty wiring can also lead to house fires and electrocution. Your furnace is probably gas or oil-fed. Of course, these are highly flammable substances that can also spark household fires or even cause explosions. And last, of all, it is possible to get poisoned by inhaling carbon monoxide, gas, or leaking refrigerant. If any of these substances are not handled properly, they can be detrimental to you, your home, and your family. 

What Can You Do?

  • Check and replace your air filters- Our knowledgeable, NATE-certified technicians suggest your air filters be replaced every 30-60 days. Every home is different based off of lifestyle, the amount of people in the home and if there are pets in the house, etc. But a good rule of thumb to abide by is 30-60 days.  
  • Keep your outdoor unit clean- The area around your outdoor unit should be kept clear of leaves, sticks, dirt, and other objects that may cause blockage. You should remove any objects that could block airflow. You can also keep the unit wiped down from pollen buildup. 
  • Clean your registers and vents- You don’t want any dust buildup blocking your vents and registers. This can affect your system’s efficiency and messes with the IAQ within your home. You can use a damp cloth to wipe vents and registers down and a vacuum to get the persistent dust bunnies in between the slats to clean them.

When it comes to complex equipment like your heating, cooling, and ventilation system, a licensed service professional with experience and proper certification is extremely vital. Saving a few bucks is just not worth the safety of your family and home. We are happy to say, all of our technicians at Eastland Heating & Cooling are NATE-certified, and your safety and well-being are our top priority! So if you have concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at (614) 861-5203 or schedule an appointment by clicking here!

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