Time to Get the AC Tuned for Summer – Before Our Busy Season

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Right now is the best time to prep your AC for the summer heat.

Buckeye Chuck predicted six more weeks of winter on February 2.  Unfortunately, he was right!. You may have noticed that we’ve endured six more weeks of cold since then. We’ve been suffering from cabin fever… and we’re ready to open the windows to get fresh air flowing through the house. Especially with mild weather that’s headed our way next week.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up and Checkout

This time of year is great. We can get outside, and enjoy the mild weather. Finally. For most HVAC contractors, it’s a slow time of year. For consumers, it’s a great time to avoid using any HVAC at all. No heat, no air conditioning needed. Before you know it, Memorial Day will have passed and we’ll be using our air conditioning on a regular basis. With that in mind, it’s a must to get your AC system ready before those hot and humid days of summer.

Our AC tune-up service is the best way to prepare your AC to ensure full reliability and efficiency for the entire summer. It’s important not to ignore this annual maintenance ritual. Ignoring could cost a bundle in the form of higher utility bills and expensive repairs.

Schedule Service Now & Save

If you have not yet had your AC serviced, we recommend you get on our schedule immediately. From our perspective, it makes sense to get your air conditioner maintenance done now, long before the extreme summer temps arrive…. and long before our techs are booked out solid for weeks. When summer does arrive, along with its high temperatures and humidity, practically every HVAC contractor will be extremely busy taking care of emergency repairs. Repairs for those people…. who DIDN’T get their maintenance done.

Why Perform Routine AC Maintenance?

Just about any type of maintenance on your AC system has an immediate return on your investment. Below is a list of how you’ll save by taking care of your AC service now:

Improve Your AC system’s efficiency. Our air conditioner tune-up and checkout service includes testing, adjusting, and cleaning important components and the rest of the system. We need to do this to ensure top performance when hot weather is her. When AC systems age, they lose their efficiency. AC systems that aren’t properly maintained lose their efficiency quickly. By maxing out your system’s efficiency you’ll reduce your electric bills and the system will cool down your home faster.

Virtually eliminate any surprise emergency calls or service. Avoid most system failures by getting a preventative maintenance program going. Get ahead of the game by maintaining your AC system with annual service.

Little repairs now can prevent big issues later. Air conditioners are very complex mechanical systems. Tiny problems are easy to catch and fix when they’re small. Leave them unresolved, they can grow into big expensive problems quickly. Sometimes, surprises still crop up when your AC is running just fine. An annual tune-up and checkout will allow us to catch any problems early, saving you potential headaches.

Give your Air Conditioner the gift of a long life. With complex systems like AC, it’s a case of “pay me now or pay me later.” Procrastinating on routine maintenance can take it’s toll and shorten the useful life of your AC. When you take care of your AC system, you can extend the life and potentially save thousands in replacement costs (by having to replace a faulty system prematurely).

Plan the System Replacement. No air conditioning system lasts forever. Furnaces tend to have about a 15-year useful life; air conditioner about ten years. But eventually, you’ll have to replace your AC system. Having a professional AC service tech check out the system one a year, you can have the conversation about replacing it before you’re stuck and desperate. Planning for this inevitability years ahead, you can anticipate the purchase and save the necessary cash. That allows you to take advantage of cash discounts and sales.

Trust your HVAC Pro

As a homeowner, you can do some of your own HVAC maintenance, like replacing the filters. When it comes to AC tune ups, it’s a job best left to professionals.

Many things can go wrong if an inexperienced person tries to perform their own AC tune-up. One thing that some consumers try is to clean the condenser. But we recommend leaving it to the pros to reduce the chance of damaging fins and coils inside the system. Bent of damaged fins could hurt the performance of the system, and possibly cause major issues. There’s also a chance of electrical shock for someone that doesn’t know AC systems very well.

The sharp eye of a professional to spot those little problems is invaluable… things that a consumer might miss. When you service your system with our tune-up and checkout, be sure to ask our service tech about how long your system will last. How much longer should your AC system last?

When you’re ready to go ahead and get that AC Tune-Up and checkout booked, call one of our customer satisfactions specialists at (614)861-5203 during our office hours, and we’ll get one of our service techs out right away. We also have a convenient online scheduling page. We recommend you don’t delay. Our busy season, and high temperatures and humidity, will be here before you know it.


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