Is the History of the Modern Furnace?

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Humankind’s basic need for heat provision has always been a factor in our survival. When furnaces weren’t invented yet, we have proved resourceful and resilient in times of need. But at what point did the furnace concept begin, and who gets the credit for the comfort we experience in the modern furnace today? There isn’t just one person we can solely contribute to the existence of the modern furnace. So walk through the history of the modern furnace with your Eastland Heating & Cooling professionals as we discuss each milestone and person who contributed to the furnace’s history.

Where Did It All Start?

It started back in 15 AD with the Romans when they designed the complex hypocaust system. This system consisted of multiple tunnels channeled under their floors, leading down to a lower-level room. Large amounts of steam were created by burning wood nonstop in this room. The steam then rose to the higher levels and traveled thru the channel tunnels direclty under the rooms to heat theRoman’s floors. Though this was an innovative way to provide heat in their homes, it proved unsustainable.

When Did Fireplaces & Stove Come Into Play?

After the Roman Empire fell, the hypocaust system was abandoned. In 1624, many people started using the grate and the fireplace. Homes were now heated utilizing the stove or the grate and fireplace combination.

When Was the Radiator Created?

In 1855, a man named Sans Franz Galli came up with the idea of the first radiator. However, in 1885, Dave Lennox furthered this progression by inventing the coal-burning cast iron radiator. This was a massive progression in furnace history. As a plus, it was a cost-efficient option to many.

When Was Central Heating Established?

In 1919, Alice Parker developed and patented the first central heating system. Her contribution to the heating system’s development made it possible to regulate temperatures. This was an incredible contribution!

When Was the Convection Heater & Heat Pump Created?

It was in the 1920s that the convection heater was created. When electricity was introduced, it set the foundation for the convection heater to come about. However, the heat pump is now a more common electrical-based system that is used. Although heat pumps were developed in the 1940s, it wasn’t until the oil crisis hit in the 80s that they became more popular. This happened due to many moving away from fossil fuel usage and wanting more electrical-based units.

What Are the Advantages Of Modern Furnaces?

Technology has consistently kept progressing over time. Gravity-fed furnaces were invented, ductwork was enhanced, motor-driven fans were created – all of these contributed to furthering the development of the modern furnace as we know it today. Overall, in 2022 we now have many cost and energy-efficient heating systems to choose from, all of which are sustainable and will ensure the comfort and safety of you and your family.

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