How Can You Prepare Your HVAC System For Back To School?    

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School has begun, and class is back in session! The fall season sparks the back-to-school season and for many of us is one of the busiest times of the year. Early morning routines, school projects, and packed lunches – thinking of everything back-to-school related may feel a bit overwhelming, so it’s important to keep track of all the things you may need to do to ensure an easy transition into the new school year. But how about your HVAC system? What does it have to do with all of this? And why does it need to be ready for the back-to-school season? To start, the seasonal switch also accompanies the transition from air conditioning to furnace usage. Your cooling system was heavily used this past season, and now with the cooler months ahead of us, you will begin consistently using your heating system. As a result, it’s vital to confirm that everything is in the correct working order so you can start the school year off strong! 

To guarantee that your HVAC system is up to date for the start of the fall semester, follow these recommendations and hints from your Eastland Heating & Cooling service staff. 

As Fall Starts, Have You Replaced Your Air Filter? 

If you’re a savvy homeowner who likes to maintain things yourself, you already know the basic rule of air filters: they should be changed every 30-60 days. This allows your HVAC system to function properly while circulating the air inside your home, enhancing indoor air quality. Do you recall when the last time you replaced your air filters was? Perhaps they aren’t due for a change yet. If this is the case, it’s not going to hurt to put in a fresh air filter now. We recommend changing your air filters proactively at the start of each new season, so you can be sure to remove any pollen or allergens that may have accumulated. This way, you can start off the new season with a clean slate. The back-to-school season is especially rife with germs and bacteria, so stay ahead of these unwelcome visitors by making sure your air filter is fresh. 

Is There an Air Purifier In Your House? 

Back to school germs – there’s no easy way out! Germs, viruses, and other airborne bacteria become rampant this time of year. You can’t control the germs your children are exposed to at school or yourself when you’re working, but you can lessen the likelihood of these intruders coming into your home and exposing the rest of your family. Needlepoint ionization is a strategy that the iWave-R home air purification system uses to almost completely get rid of viruses and other airborne contaminants– with a success rate of 99.4%. If you’re searching for a solution to efficiently eliminate bacteria and germs, then the iWave-R may be perfect for you. 

Have You Made Sure There Is No Debris In the Vicinity of The Compressor? 

Finally, give thought to your outdoor compressor. We always stress the need to maintain a clear space around the compressor in order to ensure that it operates properly. In the summertime, when the weather is hot, weeds and grasses are likely to develop around this location. You most likely trimmed them when you did yardwork or mowed the grass this past summer. However, because of the seasonal transition, certain weeds and plant overgrowth may have gone unnoticed, still germinating in areas where they are considered obstructions – such as the compressor. As a result, you don’t want any loose leaves or weeds blowing around and getting caught in the compressor fan blades. A failing compressor would certainly add to the chaos of the back-to-school season. So, by checking the compressor’s vicinity on a regular basis during the fall, you could easily prevent this from happening. Loose leaves and branches will accumulate over time, so remember to stay vigilant and keep an eye out for them. 

Have You Scheduled Your Fall Tune-up & Safety Check?  

Your furnace must be serviced in the fall for a routine service and safety check. Bear in mind that your heating system has been dormant for quite some time. So, because of this, it’s critical that not only is it tuned up, but also that it’s inspected by a qualified HVAC specialist to ensure that everything is operating according to current safety regulations. 

Did You Remember To Change The Temperature On The Thermostat? 

With autumn on the horizon, it’s time to change your thermostat settings. If you have a smart or programmable device, you may already have it set to match your and your family’s new weekly routine. A residential HVAC system strives to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home while using up energy. Therefore, energy demand is typically lower when no one is at home, so you may preprogram your smart or programmable thermostat to be at a higher temperature during daytime hours, and at a lower one in the afternoon when everyone starts coming home.  Now that school has resumed and your family’s daily schedule has changed, you will want to adjust the thermostat setting to align with the new routine. If you don’t have a smart or programmable thermostat, we highly suggest getting one as they are energy-efficient tools that greatly reduce your home’s energy consumption. 

If you want more information on how to make your school year start off on the right foot with a properly functioning HVAC system, please contact your Eastland Heating & Cooling service professionals at (937) 412-2911 or schedule an appointment online now by (614) 861-5203, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here! And last of all, we wish you the very best and smoothest school year! 

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