How Can Homeowners Prepare Their AC System For A Summer Vacation?

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With summer in full play, your summer vacation plans are likely fast approaching. It’s important to remember to keep your AC system in mind as you plan for your upcoming trip. The summer months are the hottest months of the year which means your AC system will be working its hardest, and it should be prepped accordingly. As a homeowner, you want your cooling system working at its highest efficiency, even when away from your home. Your Eastland Heating & Cooling service professionals want you to be able to enjoy your vacation and get that much-needed rest without having to worry about whether or not your AC is functioning properly. 

What Is the Best Temperature You Can Set the Thermostat On?

It’s best to leave your air conditioner on when you leave for your vacation. Leaving it off in your absence can result in adverse reactions that can lead to warped wood, paint peeling, and other undesirable HVAC mishaps. Instead of shutting off your whole AC system, set your thermostat at 80 degrees or higher. This way, your cooling system will function at a level that will produce energy savings but keep your home at a comfortable temperature level at the same time. Doing this will make returning home at the end of your vacation a little more pleasant. Of course, returning home to a hot, stuffy house is never ideal!

What Will Using a Surge Protector Do To Help Protect Your AC System?

Do you use a surge protector in your home? If not, now is the time to consider doing so! Using a surge protector helps minimize harmful risks from power outages or surges throughout the year. In addition, since thunderstorms are prevalent during the summer months, it’s an excellent idea to have surge protection in place. Having one in place will give you extra peace of mind knowing your home and HVAC system are protected.

What Can You Do To Prepare the Condenser Before Leaving For Vacation?

As a general rule of thumb, the vicinity around your outdoor AC unit (known as the condenser) is supposed to be kept clear of any outdoor objects or obstructions. No matter what time of the year it is, the condenser should not have anything located around the unit. This is because you don’t want anything falling onto the unit or getting blown into it and getting stuck in the fan blades. So before you leave, make it a point to check the condenser a day or two before and remove any obstructions or plant vegetation such as weeds, leaf buildup, and fallen branches.

What Does Seasonal Maintenance Do For Your AC System?

Have you had your tune-up and safety check performed this season yet? If not, it is good to have it done before your summer vacation. Your AC system should be serviced once a year for its seasonal tune-up and safety check. This is the best way to practice preventive maintenance and make sure things are running as they should be. When you get a seasonal tune-up and safety check with us, our NATE-certified technicians inspect everything and ensure your unit is aligned with current safety standards. So, if you still need to have your maintenance check performed, it isn’t too late! Call us, and we will get you squared away! 

If you are looking for a local heating and cooling service professional you can trust and rely on, give Eastland Heating & Cooling a chance to show you our five-star customer service! It is not too late to schedule your maintenance check or address any HVAC concerns you may have before leaving for your trip. When you set off for your summer vacation, you can kick your feet up, read a book by the pool, or take a nap in a hammock under a shady tree and rest knowing that your AC system is left in good hands with us. Call today at (614) 861-5203, or schedule an appointment now by clicking here!

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