With furnace upkeep information coming at you from every angle, we understand how overwhelming it all can be. But, as a homeowner, you want accurate information to maintain your furnace’s upkeep. Don’t sweat it! Your Eastland Heating & Cooling experts have joined our brainpower in order to compile the following to assist you in differentiating between furnace fact and fiction. The following are common furnace myths that we are debunking for you!

Raise the Heat Setting Higher to Get Heat Faster

Many people think that raising the temperature to an unusually high setting will help quickly heat the home. The thought process behind this is that if the heat is cranked at a higher setting, it will dish out hotter air, thus warming up the home as fast as possible. This furnace myth does not aid in assisting the furnace. It actually slows the furnace down. It takes longer because the air still needs an appropriate amount of time to circulate throughout the entire house. Practicing this method wastes time, money, and energy as the furnace is overworking to reach a higher temperature.

The Bigger the Furnace, the Better It Is

It is common to think that a bigger furnace will be more efficient to keep a home well heated. But this isn’t the case. Larger furnaces are made specifically for larger spaces. When installed, a furnace is sized accordingly for the appropriate amount of space in the home it is placed in. The bigger the furnace, the more money it costs to run. Keep in mind that larger furnaces are also common to wear down faster.

Seasonal Maintenance Is Not Necessary

Please, do not buy into this myth. It no scheme when we say seasonal tune-ups and safety checks are essential. Maintenance is crucial when it comes to heavy equipment like your home’s furnace. You want to ensure that no underlying issues are going on with your HVAC system. Not only that, but we consider you and your family’s safety the number one priority. Safety checks are recommended to make sure everything is running correctly and up to par as it should be. If you haven’t scheduled one for the season yet, Eastland Heating & Cooling would be more than glad to assist you.

A High-Efficiency Furnace is the Only Thing Needed to Save Energy

Without an adequately winterized home, the best furnace in the world will be useless. Some people think that a high-efficient furnace will solve all of their problems. But if the warm air is still escaping out of your home, then the furnace will constantly run to make up for the lost heat. There are a couple more items to factor in when considering an energy-efficient furnace. Such as, “Is your home properly insulated in the attic and crawl spaces?” “Are there any gaps or cracks on the exterior and interior of the house that may allow cold air to creep in?” Getting a high-efficiency furnace for your home can be a very wise decision overall; however, it is not the only factor you want to consider. It would help to look at the overall picture when trying to save time, energy, and money.

A Furnace Should Be Ran On Its Last Leg Until It Works No More

“I’m gonna use this until it doesn’t run anymore!” Have you ever heard someone say something remotely similar to this? While we understand the importance of being a good steward and making things last, it is not always in your HVAC’s system best interest to keep replacing part after part. Continuously switching out the bad parts can also create problem after problem.

We hope these myth busters have been informative to you. Owning a home has its perks, but it is also a lot of work to keep up with its maintenance, and conflicting information is so easy to come by. Nevertheless, your knowledgeable experts at Eastland Heating & Cooling want to assist you in all your HVAC concerns and questions. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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